Skincare is the first step to any makeup application

Updated: Feb 3

Many people have always stated that any makeup look is only as good as the skin that's under it; which is 100% true. How could any makeup look flawless if the skin underneath it doesn't look healthy? Now don't get me wrong, everyone goes through phases of bad and irritated skin and often we decide to use makeup as a tool to try and help conceal those visible imperfections! However, not everyone does that and that is totally great too! I'm just the same, Trust ME! I have had my share with my skin not cooperating with me, especially on those days where mother nature decides to pay a visit! (Ladies, you know what that's like) It's taken me years to figure just what my skin type is and what works for them, but the KEY is to never give up. In fact, for the longest time I thought I had oily skin but soon realized I actually had combination skin- oily and dry!

Just about anything under the sun affects our skin: weather, food, stress, pollution and so it's important to take best care of it as possible. This includes washing your face twice a day (deep cleanse before bed and light rinse in the morning), determining your skin type to use the right products, and having skin care regimen to meet your needs.

There's a series of tests you can do to determine your skin type: (make sure you examine with a clean face)

1) do you have any redness or dry patches in certain areas and overall tightness (= Dry Skin)

2) does your T-Zone have enlarged pores and get oily easily (= Oily Skin)

3) does your face have a mixture of slight dryness (patches and tightness) and a slight oily T-Zone (=Dry to Combination)

4) does your face feel overall hydrated but oily in the T-Zone throughout the day (=Normal to Combination)

If you're still having a hard time determining your skin type or having other symptoms you are unsure of, you can always see a dermatologist. Once you determine your skin type you can now develop a skincare regimen to follow to keep your skin looking as fresh and healthy and to keep your makeup looking FLAWLESS!

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