Finding Your Skin's Correct Foundation

Finding your correct foundation shade is always challenge but it doesn’t have to be super painful. In this post I will share my tips on making the process a bit easier to ensure you are picking out the right shade and finish. But first what is the difference between “skin tone” and “undertone”? Tone is the overall pigmentation of the surface layer: Fair, Medium, Deep. Undertone is the hue underneath the skin; cool, warm, neutral.

I know going into any store that sells foundation can be daunting as there are so many choices and the feeling of being overwhelmed takes over, trust me I’ve been there and experienced it. The beauty of being in a store that sells makeup is that there is always a makeup artist on hand that you can ask for help. If you’re at Sephora, get your skin colour id checked to see what your undertones are. This is the easiest way to see from a technological stand point is see what pigments lay within your skin. From there you can pick which finish you are looking for; satin, dewy, matte, medium-full coverage, etc. Note: its best to go in with no face makeup on to really ensure that the reading is as accurate as possible to determine your natural skin tone.

Once you have a selection of various brands and finishes I suggest to get a few samples to test out before committing to purchasing a full size. The worst thing is to buy a brand new foundation in the shade you thought fit you well and then it oxidizes two shades darker and we’re not about that lifestyle.

Here’s an easy tip to determine your skin tone and undertone yourself! In natural light, hold your wrist out and see what colour your veils are. *If your veins are more blue/purple coloured you have a cool undertone. *If your veins are more green/olive coloured you have a warm undertone.

*If your veins are a mix and you can’t determine specific colours then you have a neutral undertone.

Even by taking a close look in the mirror, if your skin has more pink/red/ blue coloration you have a cool undertone. If you see more yellow, golden colour action then you have a warm undertone. Lastly, if you have a mixture of those colours then you have a neutral undertone. Allure has a great article with diagrams showing the different undertones which helps to visualize,

Now that you have determined your skin tone and undertone you can play around with different finishes and have your foundation match perfectly!


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